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GitHub Copilot Below is a table of contents for a collection of PowerShell Scripts and Functions. Each row in the table represents a Script or Function, and the second column provides a link to the file containing the code.

The table includes a variety of Scripts and Functions that can be used for various tasks, such as managing Exchange servers, monitoring files, and testing network connectivity. For example, there are Scripts for copying files to remote servers, getting information about scheduled tasks, and restarting Exchange services.

If you’re looking for a specific Script or Function, you can use the table of contents to find the file containing the code. Once you’ve located the file, you can open it in Visual Studio Code or another text editor to view the code and understand how it works.

It’s worth noting that some of the Scripts and Functions may require additional modules or dependencies to be installed before they can be used. Additionally, some of the Scripts may require administrative privileges to run, so be sure to check the documentation and requirements before running any of the code.

Overall, this collection of Scripts and Functions can be a useful resource for PowerShell developers who need to perform various tasks in their work. By using these pre-built Scripts and Functions, developers can save time and effort in their coding work. To improve the code, it would be helpful to include a brief description of each Script or Function in the table of contents, as well as any dependencies or requirements needed to run the code.

Type FileName
⭐ Script ArgumentCompleterExample.ps1
⭐ Function Connect-O365Exchange.ps1
⭐ Function Connect-OPExchange.ps1
⭐ Script Connect-Proxy.ps1
⭐ Function Copy-FilestoRemote.ps1
⭐ Function Copy-GroupMembership.ps1
⭐ Function Disable-RDPRemotely.ps1
⭐ Function Enable-RDPRemotely.ps1
⭐ Function Export-CalendarPermissions.ps1
⭐ Script FileWatcher.ps1
⭐ Function Get-ExchangeServerInSite.ps1
⭐ Function Get-FileAndFolderPermissions.ps1
⭐ Function Get-FileExtension.ps1
⭐ Function Get-GroupMembers.ps1
⭐ Function Get-GroupNames.ps1
⭐ Function Get-IISCertificates.ps1
⭐ Function Get-LoggedOnRDPUser.ps1
⭐ Function Get-LogonEvent.ps1
⭐ Function Get-MSTeamsPhone.ps1
⭐ Function Get-O365AdminGroupsReport.ps1
⭐ Function Get-O365CalendarPermissions.ps1
⭐ Function Get-ScheduledTasks.ps1
⭐ Function Get-ServerInstalledFeatures.ps1
⭐ Function Get-ServiceDetails.ps1
⭐ Script Ifnotpwsh7.ps1
⭐ Function Install-PSTools.ps1
⭐ Function Install-RequiredModules.ps1
⭐ Script Logoff-Stale-RDP.ps1
⭐ Function New-CountdownDate.ps1
⭐ Function New-Greeting1.ps1
⭐ Function New-Greeting2.ps1
⭐ Function New-MSTeamsPhone.ps1
⭐ Function New-SpeechOutput.ps1
⭐ Function Remove-RDPUserSession.ps1
⭐ Function Restart-ExchangeServices.ps1
⭐ Function Restart-ProjectComputer.ps1
⭐ Function Set-O365CalendarPermissions.ps1
⭐ Function Sync-DomainController.ps1
⭐ Function Test-Computer.ps1
⭐ Function Test-O365EmailExists.ps1
⭐ Function Test-OpenPorts.ps1
⭐ Function TimeZoneFunctions.ps1
⭐ Function Update-O365CalendarPermissions.ps1