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What’s it all about

This site came about as a consequence of having too much time on my hands and the need to catalogue all the scripts, functions, tools and snippets that I have written, downloaded or amended while learning how to automate tasks and to develop PowerShell tools.

Over the years I had accumulated a large store of PowerShell code that TBH wasn’t really filed all that well. Much of the filing was done in haste, mostly during a complicated project of some sort or another. As a result of sloppy filing, it was becoming increasingly difficult to navigate and locate a script I knew I already had and sometimes the search ended with me writing it again (sometimes better than the last time).



I plan to provide a brief overview of the script and where possible some examples for their use.

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I have expanded any aliases that were in each script to ensure they are easier to read and I have also tested to ensure they all function as designed. Some require an earlier version and will only work in PowerShell 5. They have been catalogued by use case as best I can. Any not fitting in a specific category can be found under miscellaneous.

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Reach out to me at one of the following places!

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My blog site, full of what I hope can be considered interesting articles and many PowerShell related things.

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My profile on LinkedIn.

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My profile on GitHub.

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