Hey there! Welcome to my Script Repository.

Feel free to browse and download any scripts that you may find useful.
You can download the complete library using the download link in the menu.

This site has been created as an index for all the scripts, functions, tools and snippets that I have written, downloaded or amended during the time I have spent learning how to write PowerShell.

I started learning PowerShell around the time PowerShell Version 2 was released (October 2009). At the time of it's release, like so many Admins, Batch files and VBScripts and a collection of third party applications had been the goto tools for much of the everyday work. Since PowerShell's release, it has grown into a ubiquitous product that can be used in many different information technology roles and not just for IT Administration.

When I started out learning PowerShell, there were a handful of resources available. Some provided instruction on script writing and how to accomplish some Administration tasks and some provided generic scripts that could be used to produce reports on things like printing or active directory content/configuration.

PowerShell has been available since Microsoft published the first Monad (PowerShell) public beta release on June 17, 2005. The once small collection of sites has grown into a wealth of information about this extraordinarily versatile product and include sites like GitHub, Microsoft's own Docs site and numerous others which you may find listed under resources.

Hopefully, this site will also provide yet another place for Admins to come and find their next useful PowerShell tool.

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