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 NAME: Get-HotFixReport.ps1

 AUTHOR: Jan Egil Ring
 EMAIL: [email protected]

 COMMENT: Script to generate an installation-report for specified hotfixes on a set of computers retrieved from Active Directory.

          The script leverages Microsoft`s PowerShell-module for Active Directory to retrieve computers.
          Before running the script, customize the three variables under #Custom variables

          More information:

 You have a royalty-free right to use, modify, reproduce, and
 distribute this script file in any way you find useful, provided that
 you agree that the creator, owner above has no warranty, obligations,
 or liability for such use.

 1.0 31.10.2010 - Initial release


#requires -version 2

#Import Active Directory module
Import-Module ActiveDirectory

# Get the script path
$ScriptPath = { Split-Path $MyInvocation.ScriptName }

#Custom variables
#$Computers = Get-ADComputer -Filter * -Properties Name,Operatingsystem | Where-Object {$_.Operatingsystem -like "*server*"} | Select-Object Name
$Computers = @()
$HotFix = "KB979744,KB979744,KB983440,KB979099,KB982867,KB977020"
$CsvFilePath = $(&$ScriptPath) + "\Hotfixes.csv"

# Get Computer Name
$ComputerName = (get-content env:COMPUTERNAME)

$Computers += $ComputerName

#Variable for writing progress information
$TotalComputers = ($computers | Measure-Object).Count
$CurrentComputer = 1

#Create array to hold hotfix information
$Export = @()

#Splits the array if more than one hotfix are provided
$Hotfixes = $HotFix.Split(",")

#Loop through every computers
foreach ($computer in $computers) {

    #Loop through every hotfix
    foreach ($hotfix in $hotfixes) {
        #Write progress information
        Write-Progress -Activity "Checking for hotfix $hotfix..." -Status "Current computer: $computer" -Id 1 -PercentComplete (($CurrentComputer / $TotalComputers) * 100)

        #Create a custom object for each hotfix
        $obj = New-Object -TypeName psobject
        $obj | Add-Member -Name Hotfix -Value $hotfix -MemberType NoteProperty
        $obj | Add-Member -Name Computer -Value $computer -MemberType NoteProperty

        #Check if hotfix are installed
        try {
            if (Test-Connection -Count 1 -ComputerName $computer -Quiet) {
                Get-HotFix -Id $hotfix -ComputerName $computer -ea stop | Out-Null
                $obj | Add-Member -Name HotfixInstalled -Value $true -MemberType NoteProperty
                $obj | Add-Member -Name ErrorEncountered -Value "None" -MemberType NoteProperty
            else {
                $obj | Add-Member -Name HotfixInstalled -Value $false -MemberType NoteProperty
                $obj | Add-Member -Name ErrorEncountered -Value $error[0].Exception.Message -MemberType NoteProperty

        catch {
            $obj | Add-Member -Name HotfixInstalled -Value $false -MemberType NoteProperty
            $obj | Add-Member -Name ErrorEncountered -Value $error[0].Exception.Message -MemberType NoteProperty

        #Add the custom object to the array to be exported
        $Export += $obj


    #Increase counter variable
    $CurrentComputer ++


#Export the array with hotfix-information to the user-specified path
$Export | Export-Csv -Path $CsvFilePath -NoTypeInformation

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