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  This script retrieves an AD group with 2 additional properties:
  - NestedGroupMembershipCount
  - MaxNestingLevel

  This helps us to understand the maximum nesting levels of groups and the recursive group membership count.

  Original script written by M Ali.
   - Token Bloat Troubleshooting by Analyzing Group Nesting in AD

    Get-ADGroupNesting.ps1 CarAnnounce
    Get-ADGroupNesting.ps1 CarAnnounce -showtree

    When used with the ShowTree parameter, the script displays the recursive group membership tree along with emitting the ADGroup object.
    When using a group name that contains a space use single quotes around the name.



Param (
    [Parameter(Mandatory = $true,
        Position = 0,
        ValueFromPipeline = $true,
        HelpMessage = "DN or ObjectGUID of the AD Group."

$global:numberOfRecursiveGroupMemberships = 0
$lastGroupAtALevelFlags = @()

# Import the Active Directory Module
Import-Module ActiveDirectory -WarningAction SilentlyContinue
if ($Error.Count -eq 0) {
    Write-Host "Successfully loaded Active Directory Powershell's module" -ForeGroundColor Green
else {
    Write-Host "Error while loading Active Directory Powershell's module : $Error" -ForeGroundColor Red

function Get-GroupNesting ([string] $identity, [int] $level, [hashtable] $groupsVisitedBeforeThisOne, [bool] $lastGroupOfTheLevel) {
    $group = $null
    $group = Get-ADGroup -Identity $identity -Properties "memberOf"
    if ($lastGroupAtALevelFlags.Count -le $level) {
        $lastGroupAtALevelFlags = $lastGroupAtALevelFlags + 0
    if ($null -ne $group) {
        if ($showTree) {
            for ($i = 0; $i -lt $level - 1; $i++) {
                if ($lastGroupAtALevelFlags[$i] -ne 0) {
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline "  "
                else {
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline "� "
            if ($level -ne 0) {
                if ($lastGroupOfTheLevel) {
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline "+-"
                else {
                    Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow -NoNewline "+-"
            Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow $group.Name
        $groupsVisitedBeforeThisOne.Add($group.distinguishedName, $null)
        $global:numberOfRecursiveGroupMemberships ++
        $groupMemberShipCount = $group.memberOf.Count
        if ($groupMemberShipCount -gt 0) {
            $maxMemberGroupLevel = 0
            $count = 0
            foreach ($groupDN in $group.memberOf) {
                $lastGroupOfThisLevel = $false
                if ($count -eq $groupMemberShipCount) { $lastGroupOfThisLevel = $true; $lastGroupAtALevelFlags[$level] = 1 }
                if (-not $groupsVisitedBeforeThisOne.Contains($groupDN)) {
                    #prevent cyclic dependancies
                    $memberGroupLevel = Get-GroupNesting -Identity $groupDN -Level $($level + 1) -GroupsVisitedBeforeThisOne $groupsVisitedBeforeThisOne -lastGroupOfTheLevel $lastGroupOfThisLevel
                    if ($memberGroupLevel -gt $maxMemberGroupLevel) { $maxMemberGroupLevel = $memberGroupLevel }
            $level = $maxMemberGroupLevel
        else {
            #we've reached the top level group, return it's height
            return $level
        return $level
$global:numberOfRecursiveGroupMemberships = 0
$groupObj = $null
$groupObj = Get-ADGroup -Identity $groupIdentity
if ($groupObj) {
    [int]$maxNestingLevel = Get-GroupNesting -Identity $groupIdentity -Level 0 -GroupsVisitedBeforeThisOne @{} -lastGroupOfTheLevel $false
    Add-Member -InputObject $groupObj -MemberType NoteProperty  -Name MaxNestingLevel -Value $maxNestingLevel -Force
    Add-Member -InputObject $groupObj -MemberType NoteProperty  -Name NestedGroupMembershipCount -Value $($global:numberOfRecursiveGroupMemberships - 1) -Force

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