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@BanterBoy: - Explain what the script does and why it is useful.

@GitHub Copilot - This is a PowerShell script that defines a cmdlet called Connect-RDPSession. The cmdlet establishes a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connection to a remote computer. The cmdlet takes a computer name as input and opens an RDP session to that computer. The cmdlet is defined with a CmdletBinding attribute that specifies the default parameter set name, positional binding, and support for ShouldProcess. The cmdlet also has an alias crdp.

The Param block defines the parameters for the cmdlet. The ComputerName parameter is defined as an array of strings and is optional. It supports pipeline input and accepts input from the pipeline by property name. The HelpMessage parameter specifies the help message that is displayed when the parameter is not specified.

The Begin, Process, and End blocks are used to define the cmdlet’s functionality. The Begin block is executed before the pipeline input is processed. The Process block is executed for each input object in the pipeline. The End block is executed after all input objects have been processed.

The Process block uses a ForEach loop to iterate through each computer name in the ComputerName parameter. The ShouldProcess method is used to confirm that the cmdlet should establish an RDP connection to the specified computer. If the confirmation is successful, the Start-Process cmdlet is used to open an RDP session to the specified computer. If the connection is unsuccessful, the catch block is executed and an error message is displayed.

To improve the code’s readability, the comments should be moved to the top of the script and the code should be indented properly. Additionally, the try-catch block could be improved by specifying the type of exception to catch. Finally, the Write-Output cmdlet in the catch block is unnecessary since the error message is already displayed.

@BanterBoy: - Explain how to use the script and provide examples.

@GitHub Copilot - Sure! Here are some examples of how to use the Connect-RDPSession cmdlet:

Example 1: Connect to a single computer

Connect-RDPSession -ComputerName "COMPUTER01"

This command establishes an RDP connection to the computer named “COMPUTER01”.

Example 2: Connect to multiple computers

"COMPUTER01", "COMPUTER02", "COMPUTER03" | Connect-RDPSession

This command establishes an RDP connection to the computers named “COMPUTER01”, “COMPUTER02”, and “COMPUTER03” by piping the computer names to the Connect-RDPSession cmdlet.

Example 3: Connect to a computer using pipeline input

Get-Content -Path "C:\Computers.txt" | Connect-RDPSession

This command establishes an RDP connection to the computers listed in the “C:\Computers.txt” file by using the Get-Content cmdlet to read the file and piping the computer names to the Connect-RDPSession cmdlet.

I hope these examples help you understand how to use the Connect-RDPSession cmdlet!


Function Connect-RDPSession {

		Connect-RDPSession - Spawn MSTSC and launches an RDP session to a remote computer.

	.PARAMETER ComputerName
		This parameter accepts the Name of the computer you would like to connect to.
		Supports IP/Name/FQDN

		Connect-RDPSession -ComputerName COMPUTERNAME
		Starts an RDP session to COMPUTERNAME

		System.String. Connect-RDPSession

		Author:     Luke Leigh

		ComputerName - You can pipe objects to this perameters.


	[CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName = 'Default',
		PositionalBinding = $true,
		SupportsShouldProcess = $true)]
	[OutputType([string], ParameterSetName = 'Default')]
		[Parameter(ParameterSetName = 'Default',
			Mandatory = $false,
			ValueFromPipeline = $true,
			ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true,
			HelpMessage = 'Enter a computer name or pipe input'

	Begin {


	Process {
		ForEach ($Computer In $ComputerName) {
			If ($PSCmdlet.ShouldProcess("$($Computer)", "Establish an RDP connection")) {
				try {
					Start-Process "$env:windir\system32\mstsc.exe" -ArgumentList "/v:$Computer"
				catch {
					Write-Output "$($Computer): is not reachable."

	End {


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